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Providing the best flower delivery is not just about the way we are as online florists or just the very best customer service - it is what makes us love our jobs, well actually, it is what makes us ecstatic! It is the love of making our customers happy. Really, we love what we do, we take a fanatical approach and it shows!

What makes us so fanatical? Simple, it is our detailed attention in what we do; from taking the orders to verifying addresses, contacting the recipients such as churches, funeral homes, and even hotels to the quick and efficient deployment of the orders so that they are delivered to your loved one fresh and on time! We make a difference in your lives because we bring joy and a fulfillment of what you have ordered. This means no disappointments! From the very moment an order is received we begin our seamless process of organizing, preparing, cross-checking addresses and sending the order on its way as promised and when promised! And we execute every single one of our hand-delivered orders so it reaches the intended recipient, NO Matter What! You know, the real excitement for us begins with an order where the recipient is hard to reach, this is when we go above and beyond to work hard for you in having the best and most beautiful florist delivered flowers reach your loving recipient on time. We love to execute on everything but the impossible!

Please call us at 1.888.731.2400 or email us at where you will receive a reply within seconds!