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Funeral Flowers.

We offer an extensive selection of funeral and sympathy flowers. The dish garden plants and all funeral baskets are cared for and watered so they will last well after the funeral service, church or at the residence of the family. Sprays, wreaths, and casket covers are perfectly arranged by an expert designer and hand delivered the same day by the most responsible and courteous drivers. We specialize on last minute orders and we do everything humanely possible to not only fulfill your order but to make sure its artistically designed and delivered on time!

Funeral Flowers by Americana Flowers

Americana flowers stands for reliability, excellence and more than just the delivery of the freshest and most beautiful sympathy arrangements. It does not take an expert florist to figure out what having the best flowers means. Any of us know that fresh flowers bought daily, of the premium kind, and expertly arranged will yield excellence in the end result. So then what separates the florists and how can you find the best florist for you?

Send Funeral Flowers - An Education of The Process of Florist Delivery

Ordering Funeral Flowers

The process of delivery, that is, from the moment an order is taken to the arrival of the arrangement to its final resting place can be very complex and is what separates ordinary florists from the best.

We believe that an educated florist is a really good florist and what we mean is rather simple. Very well informed florists follow the local obituaries daily and are ready for your order. Most even know the phone number to the funeral home or church by heart and this is crucial because they know which services are coming up and the important details that surround them. For instance, most of our customers do not know what the family wishes are in regards to flowers but we do! This is something that you may not know about but we do and we use this information to better your order. Sometimes it is necessary for us to call you back and other times we work quietly behind the scenes to do what is required. Either way, it is excellence in this part of customer service that separates Americana from other online florists.

So now your funeral flower order was taken either via online or by phone but what happens at this point and what separates the best of the best from the rest? Flower logistics takes over to assure the timely delivery of your flowers. A number of factors are immediately considered and potential problems are identified to make sure that a smooth transition results in a successful delivery. The address of the recipient is immediately looked up to make sure its accurate and this also entails much more than a simple reference. For instance, let’s say you have just placed an order going to an apartment complex, how should this be handled? First, we check the accuracy of the address, then we look to see if there is an apartment number, from there we look at the special instructions such as "leave at the door", and finally we forecast the latest possible hour of delivery. Now, if we were to assume that the customer asked we leave a sympathy bouquet at the door this may be impossible and actually irresponsible as the management may not allow for this and there’s always the fear that somebody takes or destroys the flowers. For this reason we call the superintendant of the building before delivery to ask for proper instructions and a safe delivery. At this point we also know our deadline, does the building close, will there be no doorman after a certain time? It is at this point that all the elements of the logistics come together to make for a faster and more efficient delivery. Many funeral homes, churches, and cremation centers have their own set of strict regulations that can never be broken. And just as the example set forth above Americana goes the extra mile to ensure your funeral flowers are well on their way.

Do you know where you flowers end up? Are they just going to the funeral home, straight to the church, the residence, do you wish to have them moved from the funeral home to the house of the deceased? Would you like for your sympathy arrangement to be transferred to the cemetery or crematory? Well, we arrange for all of this and everything in between. We know the very specific requests of the immediate family and we do our best to accommodate with delivery of all of the above.

Same Day Funeral Flower Delivery

Are you placing an order for same day delivery or a last minute rushed order? To make funeral wreaths, crosses, sprays, baskets and casket covers takes a talented florist but that’s not all that matters when placing a rushed order for same day delivery. Florists cannot make what they do not have but Americana florists buy fresh flowers daily and are always stocked and ready to make even the most complicated funeral pieces on a whim. Having the closest florist located within a mile or two from the funeral home, church, and cremation center is also a huge advantage. Besides our close proximity, we have the best and most caring florists that will go out of their way last minute to fulfill your order -even on the smallest funeral arrangements because the order comes from Americana, a trusted name in flowers that supports the local florist on an ongoing basis.